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Russia Partners Advisers


Peter Kochevrin


Peter Kochevrin joined Russia Partners in March 2001 and is a Director responsible for Russia Partners' real estate and Ukrainian investments. Prior to joining Russia Partners to work on Commonwealth Property Investors (a Russia and Ukraine-focused real estate fund) in 1999, Mr. Kochevrin set up the Kiev office for Center Invest Group, a Russian brokerage firm. Prior to joining Center Invest Group, Mr. Kochevrin was a Project Manager at Sibneft Oil Company, where he was involved in the privatization process of Sibneft and organized the first Russian Eurobond placement in 1997.  From 1994 to 1995, Mr. Kochevrin was with KPMG Barents Group Moscow, where he assisted in setting up the over-the-counter trading system for the Russian stock market.

Mr. Kochevrin holds a B.A. from the Moscow Institute for Economics and Statistics and an M.B.A. from Clemson University Business School.

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